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My local post office continues to be incompetent
Today's post is inspired by me remembering that I had made a "wtfuckery" tag and by my local post office continuing to be terrible.

Look, I think public, government-run services are great, even if they're slow or overworked or made cumbersome with bureaucracy, but my local post office is very unreliable. I've said in a previous post that I've only ever had a problem with a post office once before moving here, but the problems keep continuing with my local post office.

It's hard to even remember when it all started, but in September, I think, I ordered two of these phone cleaner plushies, one for me and one as a late birthday present to my sister-in-law. Well, to cut to the end, my sister-in-law never got her birthday present.

I picked air shipping, and it was taking longer than usual, but there was tracking. According to the tracking, it made it to my town's post office, but it never went out to be delivered. After a couple of weeks I decided I finally had to contact the post office to found out what happened to it. I hate talking on the phone and found out there was a way to make inquiries by email, so I sent one out. The Saturday after I sent the inquiry, someone from my post office called me (even though I entered into the form that I preferred email contact, of course), but I didn't answer because I didn't know the number.

She left a voice mail though. And ugh, she acted kinda put out that I had sent it by email using the national form instead of calling my local office first. When I told my family this story, they guessed it probably made them look bad to get an inquiry, but seriously it's their own fucking fault if they look bad. (# ゚Д゚) But she said they'd investigate and get back to me by Monday. She also told me to check with my apartment's office (as if I hadn't already multiple fucking times) and to call her if it was there. It wasn't there when I checked after work on Monday, obviously, so I didn't call her. Unfortunately she also didn't call me. Even though she said she would. I never heard from her or anyone else at my post office again.

After waiting a few more weeks, I checked the tracking online on a whim, and it was being returned to sender. So at some point they had to have found it. And they never bothered contacting me to tell me. Ever. Great fucking job post office. Great fucking job.

Like, I suppose I could have contacted them again, and I thought about it a couple times, but I shouldn't have to. I shouldn't have to chase after my mail just to make sure it doesn't get lost or mis-filed and actually makes its way to me. Ugh.

Well it's been returned to sender, and at least their policy is to refund the cost of items returned undelivered. I'm still out the eight dollars I paid for shipping though. :< I'm trying again, and hopefully this time my sister-in-law will get a Christmas present. I picked EMS shipping this time and I'm seriously hoping nothing else gets lost. I might have to move just to live somewhere the post office isn't so shitty.


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