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Wink up June 2012 Kisumai talks

Entirely too much time has passed between starting this translation and posting it. orz

Three talks: Nikaido and Senga; Fujigaya and Tamamori; and Kitayama, Yokoo, and Miyata. The theme for all of them is (personalities) clicking. In two of the talks, they mention A.B.C-Z members, and in all of them they mention picking on Miyata.

Notes at the end.

Nikaido Takashi × Senga Kento

Asking that kind of question, that’s like asking yourself

Nikaido: Do we click [1]… Asking that kind of question, it’s just like Wink up is asking itself.
Senga: ……You probably mean “asking a foolish question.” [2]
Nikaido: Ah, you’re right. I messed up.
Senga: No no, it’s adorable that Nikaido says things like that.
Nikaido: Thanks. But really, our closeness is something else.
Senga: I mean, we have matching earrings and stuff? I gave them to you.
Nikaido: Right! But I lost that twice.
Senga: … Well, it’s okay. I’m happy just that you accepted them.
Nikaido: I’m relieved to hear you say that. After that, from two of Senga’s earrings that were left on a table in the studio, I took one home. Then, I thought I’d send a picture of me wearing that earring to Senga, but I forgot.
Senga: ………… Just now, that’s something I’m learning for the first time.
Nikaido: I took it home without telling you and on top of that I forgot about it… That means that I stole it. I just become a thief (laugh).
Senga: Well, in the eyes of society. But, you wanted to match with me right? It’s okay!
Nikaido: Yeah. Even though really, I wanted to send a picture and have you retort, “What, you’re wearing the earring I thought I lost!” I completely forgot to send it. But… I lost that earring too.
Senga: …Ah, I see. …No, I’m just happy that you told me, so I forgive you completely!
Nikaido: As I thought, Senga’s of a different caliber!
Senga: I mean~, today like this it became a conversation in a magazine, and so it’ll spread to the whole country as an interesting story. See, it’s totally okay! It’s a sure thing! But, even though we love each other like this now, in the past, we had a big fight too. It was in the dressing room during a play. When I left a half-eaten cup ramen around there, Nikaido knocked it over. You said, “Why’d you leave it there,” and suddenly a punch came flying with love (laugh).
Nikaido: The two of us were still in middle school. Why’d I snap at something like that… Back then, I got irritated for no reason. I got it, I was just a punk (laugh).
Senga: You certainly had that kind of atmosphere (laugh). I was still young, and I got angry too and punched back, and we were just about to fight. Then, a senpai rushed into the room and desperately stopped us.
Nikaido: I remember that~
Senga: Then that senpai told us. He persuaded us saying, “Stop it, you guys! I know by watching you that you both you like each other.” At that time, I realized, “That’s right, really I like Nika a lot.”
Nikaido: …Oh no. I don’t remember that at all.
Senga: ……It can’t be helped, since it’s something that happened a while ago. Nika and I are “Sen” and “Ni”, we both have Chinese numbers, so I started to like you.
Nikaido: Huh, wait a sec. Because of Chinese numbers? That’s the reason (laugh)?
Senga: That’s right. Now if Kisumai had another guy, “Ichinose”-kun, I might’ve come to like him.
Nikaido: Really… It’s good that my family name’s Nikaido. …I see.
Senga: Ahahaha! “NikaSen” has a good ring to it, so I like it. Even at a place like this, the two of us really play around and do stupid things together a lot.

Nika, is there anything else you’re keeping quiet about?

Nikaido: Also, there’s teasing Miyata (laugh).
Senga: That’s right. If Miyata were to choose between “Live one month on 10,000 yen” or “Live one month with Nikaido and Senga”, without fail he’d pick “10,000 yen” right (laugh).
Nikaido: Definitely! But, there’s love in our bullying, right?
Senga: In Tamamori’s bullying, there isn’t an ounce of love (laugh). If Nikaido and I come together, first there’d be world peace. Because the whole world would be full of smiles.
Nikaido: The other day too, when the two of us were walking in the street messing around, a woman called to us, “Um~, you’re Kisumai’s Senga-kun and Nikaido-kun, right?”
Senga: I thought, “Our stupid messing around, all that was seen!?” and when I tried asking her, she said, “Yes, I was watching the whole time. It was really fun!” (laugh). Well, if you see the two of us, it’s the same as a shooting star. Your happiness will be guaranteed… that’s what it means (laugh). We aren’t only just “two interesting people.” We’ll also bring happiness… I’m saying.
Nikaido: We’re pretty much the LOVE & PEACE pair! Or rather, is this okay? This talk. Isn’t it becoming just the conversation of “two gross people” (laugh)?
Senga: Right. In a case where the writer and reader don’t have a sense of humor, there’s the possibility it’ll become that sort of unfortunate result (laugh).
Nikaido: If that happens, won’t I become just a “gross bad thief.”
Senga: If it does, I’ll be just a “gross victim.” Well, speaking seriously at the end, it’d be good to show these kinds of natural parts in variety shows and concert MCs from now on.
Nikaido: We really should. The hurdle’s high on TV shows, but if it’s like our first magazine interview, can we show these sort of parts?
Senga: (While his eyes are swimming) Y, yeah. I, I think we can show it.
Nikaido: Your eyes are swimming too much. Because you’re not a diver (laugh).
Senga: Sorry, when I imagine it my eyes swim (laugh). Doing this sort of talk, I wonder if the staff and the readers will understand us. Our atmosphere.
Nikaido: …Certainly, it’s a little dangerous (laugh). Well, let’s keep doing it while reading the mood.
Senga: Right! And Nika, it’s not about the earring before, but is there anything else you’re keeping quiet about? If you’re going to say it, I want you to say it now (laugh).
Nikaido: There’s nothing else! …I think (laugh). If I remember something else, I’ll report it in a magazine talk (laugh).

Taisuke Fujigaya × Tamamori Yuta

While you keep saying something like that, you’re just being shy, right?

Fujigaya: What’ll we do? Today on this page, ATARU? Or will we talk? [3]
Tamamori: No, we’ll talk normally. Thanks for advertising ATARU (laugh).
Fujigaya: That’s right, Tama. Today after this, do you want to go get a massage?
Tamamori: Ah~, I already have plans to eat!
Fujigaya: It seems that “clicking” is the keyword of today’s talk, but right off, we don’t click (laugh).
Tamamori: That part doesn’t click. The two of us just pass by (laugh). We always ask in situations like this, so most of the time one of us already has plans… It happens that way a lot.
Fujigaya: Even though you refuse my invitations a lot, when I say “Sorry, I have plans,” Tama says really bluntly “Oh, really. Then, if we went there? Do you get lonely easily (laugh). (…Then he flips through the pages of the Wink up before his eyes and sees the page with A.B.C-Z’s Kawai in Kabuki make-up) Huh, what’s this! Who’s this!
Tamamori: Huh, that’s Kawai-chan!? There’s no model for this (laugh).
Fujigaya: Look, it’s on a sticker! That’s nice~. If you look at it like this, the picture above where he’s trying really hard to look cool, looks uncool instead (laugh). If it were me, first I’d stick this Kabuki sticker.
Tamamori: Next to him, Goseki-kun also has a good feel.
Fujigaya: In the different version of the cover picture in the table of contents in the back, only Fumito is wearing a Kabuki outfit (laugh). But personally, I can’t accept this. If you’re going to do it anyway, you have to do it with completely the same pose as the cover (laugh). Also, on this inside story of filming page, above there’s a guess Kansai Jr’s backs idea, but what about putting a picture of Fumito where you can catch the red hair next to that (laugh). Your ending was a little soft, Wink up.
Tamamori: It’s true! But it’s detailed (laugh).
Fujigaya: Well, we’re being made to wear cat ears and devil costumes in today’s shooting, too. (Note from the editorial department: Kawai’s Kabuki was, to the end, produced by Goseki, and not something Wink up forced him to do.) [4]
Tamamori: Uh… That’s right. We don’t need stuff like that anymore (laugh). I don’t understand why cat ears and stuff exist. I mean, I’m already 21. No, I’m 22. ……Huh, what age am I?
Fujigaya: I don’t know (laugh)!
Tamamori: But, before when we appeared on Music Station, Nakai-san and the others in SMAP were saying that they’re still putting their bodies on the line. …I’ll still wear cat ears from now on (laugh). Also, I’m really troubled about how I should handle the teddy bear I used in today’s shooting.
Fujigaya: While you keep saying something like that, you’re just being shy, right? At home, you’re properly cherishing it more, right?
Tamamori: No no, because normally there aren’t teddy bears in a man’s house (laugh). Gaya’s using a teddy bear in his solo song in this time’s concerts.
Fujigaya: Right. You didn’t think we’d use a teddy bear at a live, right? And what’s more, me using it.
Tamamori: Yeah, it was rather unexpected.
Fujigaya: I thought of the size and shape of that teddy bear and put accessories on it, so if you look closely, I’m being really particular. To take this conversation back to the beginning, the theme this time is “clicking”, but if you’re doing it together this long, you acquire the ability to play it by ear a lot when something has happened.
Tamamori: Probably, a little.

If I could have you get along from here on with “FujiMiya”…

Fujigaya: This time, we wore light-up roller skates at Tokyo Dome, right. But only Miyata’s roller skates malfunctioned and didn’t light up. It wasn’t his mistake at all, but after that, on stage, to the point it was unusual, he fell crestfallen (laugh).
Tamamori: That guy’s really weak at times like that! That’s the sort of thing you shouldn’t worry about!
Fujigaya: I thought, “Here I have to get his spirits up,” and putting my arm around Miyata’s shoulder, we ran the stage fast. That might be the first time I did something like that with Miyata.
Tamamori: I’ve certainly never seen it before!
Fujigaya: Right. Amongst the fans, there are pairs like that, like “MiyaTama” or “NikaSen”, right. Now I’m thinking that I don’t want a new pair like “FujiMiya” getting made (laugh).
Tamamori: Hahaha. I think we don’t need the word “MiyaTama” too (laugh). So if I could have you get along from here on with “FujiMiya”…
Fujigaya: No no, I’m fine, so keep doing “MiyaTama.” …Us saying these things when Miyata isn’t here, isn’t that just badmouthing him (laugh). …There is one, a place where Tamamori and I click! Teasing Miyata (laugh)!
Tamamori: We do! At those times the way Gaya and I click is something else (laugh).
Fujigaya: We’re probably a pair from hell to Miyata (laugh). But even though he understands that, he comes over to be teased (laugh).
Tamamori: Because both he himself and others acknowledge that he’s a masochist (laugh).
Fujigaya: But, talking seriously, with concerts, these sorts of happenings and mistakes come with it, right. This time, I had them occasionally too. But I think the ones who follow that up are the members. Because they followed me up a lot. I feel like not being able to follow it up is an even bigger mistake.
Tamamori: I wonder if I have anything deep to say like that. Uuh…… It’s not coming to me! Well, I might not be following you up (laugh).
Fujigaya: What I said was a waste (laugh)! No no, just by not remembering, that means that Tama is moving naturally.
Tamamori: Is that how it is? Also, speaking of concerts, fundamentally, we’re scattered, right. But when we get fired up before the concert, we’re firmly united as one.
Fujigaya: But the one who’s shouting when we’re getting fired up isn’t us, but Anderson (laugh).
Tamamori: Right. It’s like, since he says it rapidly in English, I get excited (laugh).
Fujigaya: Right. That’s cool. Then, when we’re on standby we also get fired up with just the seven of us.
Tamamori: Right. At that time, I think, “Ah, it’s Kisumai.” From that moment until the concert ends and we go backstage, I feel like the group becomes one.
Fujigaya: I feel that too. But in the next moment we become scattered again (laugh). But at times like that, I think we’re Kisumai’s color.

Kitayama Hiromitsu × Yokoo Wataru × Miyata Toshiya

Because I think I’ll be the one to give the finishing blow (laugh)

Yokoo: So the theme is “clicking.” Talking about us three, I wonder.
Kitayama: If we talk about timing “clicking”, I can say for certain that Miyata’s timing is not Miyata’s timing (laugh).
Miyata: It’s really true! Everyone completely ignores my timing (laugh). Because my timing = everyone’s timing (laugh). The other day during the Tokyo Dome concert, everyone kept getting excited, right.
Yokoo: Right! The way we got excited was unusual. Of course, Dome’s amazing.
Miyata: Right. Then, when everyone was like that and asked what to do, they came to lower my spirits (laugh).
Kitayama: Ah~, we click (laugh).
Miyata: By the way, the first aggressor was Yokoo-san. When I was thinking that he was smirking a lot, our eyes met and he came over to bother me (laugh).
Yokoo: Because there’s lots of time with nothing to do and we’re excited. For things we can do, there’s teasing Miyata (laugh).
Miyata: It’s a mistake to use your time like that (laugh)! On the day of our performance at Dome Kitamitsu didn’t tease me that much, but it depends on the time and situation. When everyone teases me and decides, “This is delicious”, they come alive and pounce on me (laugh).
Kitayama: Hahahaha. Because I think I’ll be the one to give the finishing blow (laugh). Speaking of which, right before the performance, weren’t you attacked by a sofa?
Miyata: I was! That really hurt. What was he thinking? But Nikaido got excited and suddenly ran on the sofa set in the dressing room (laugh). Then with that force the sofa moved, and the armrest, which was made with wood, hit my thigh directly!
Kitayama: There probably aren’t guys who get angry saying, “It hurts!” right before the performance (laugh). Well, there also aren’t guys over twenty who run on sofas (laugh). But you’re really amazing, getting that kind of injury even by accident (laugh).
Yokoo: But isn’t Miyata the one who calls everyone saying “Let’s get fired up.”
Miyata: Right. ……But Anderson is the one who actually calls (laugh).
Kitayama: That really gets me pumped up. He says things like, “Are you ready!? Let’s go everybody here in Tokyo!” for us.
Miyata: We can feel like we’re performing overseas (laugh). But earlier you said that you teased me before the show, but it’s okay because you’re all not serious. If I got seriously depressed at that level, I’d probably end up appearing in the opening crying (laugh).
Yokoo: In the scene where we appear from above, your tears would fall and drip onto the juniors below (laugh).
Miyata: Right. The juniors’d be charmed thinking “Miyata-kun’s already sweating” (laugh). Back to the talk about “clicking”, but there were places, particularly the roller bank or where we jump in the middle of the big ring, where in those places we have to match our breathing.
Yokoo: There were! That was simple, but hard! If your timing’s slightly off it goes to waste.
Kitayama: Actually, even in the actual performance, there were instances where our timing didn’t match, but how to cover that… In that way too we have to match our breathing.
Yokoo: Right. So that the people watching don’t know… right.
Kitayama: But this time “Miyata’s light-up roller skate doesn’t light up” anyone watching knows (laugh)
Miyata: I got really depressed about that~
Yokoo: It couldn’t be helped, because it was a malfunction. It’s not Miyata’s mistake.
Kitayama: It’s been a while since I’ve seen Miyata looking that panicked. If it was a manga, he’d definitely have lines going down his face.
Miyata: That happens to me every so often. Something happening with the props. Earlier my headset fell and the batteries scattered apart. I was really worried, “Eh~~, how’ll I handle this!?” Because I couldn’t find one battery no matter what (laugh).
Kitayama: I found that. “Why has a battery fallen on the stage” (laugh). But don’t we find things on Kisumai’s stage often (laugh)?
Yokoo: We do! I’ve picked up the brake for Senga’s skate before (laugh).
Kitayama: If we’re talking about what happens on stage, there’re times we cross cameramen’s cords on the outer bank, right. The shock is unexpectedly strong, so we have to be careful.
Yokoo: I know what you mean! Because there’re times it seems like we’ll fall over. But at Dome this time, the production was so gorgeous that I was moved~
Miyata: In the opening we appeared from above, and part-way through giant balloons and a buggy appeared. It felt like “Dome!” I was happy about that!

Yokoo-san seems like he could do “one-person barbecue” sometime

Kitayama: I was moved by the fireworks. I didn’t think they would really shoot them off so flashily. But, while I was happy with that kind of flashy production and it was fun, I think I want to be able to enjoy a stage with nothing too. We have roller skates, so with just that we have one weapon, right.
Yokoo: Yeah. The set and the costumes are simple, but the contents are strong… That’s the most ideal. If we talk about “clicking” in private, Kitamitsu and I often meet coincidentally at restaurants (laugh).
Miyata: Huh, you go to the same restaurants coincidentally without either of you knowing?
Kitayama: We do! After saying “See you” and parting at work, we say “Oh, oh” at a restaurant (laugh). Miyata and I normally go out to eat together a lot.
Miyata: Yeah. After that we’ll go to saunas. I don’t go out like that alone, so running into someone at the place I’ve gone doesn’t happen to me. If I’m going somewhere alone, at the most, it’s my hometown (laugh).
Yokoo: I’m completely fine eating alone.
Miyata: Sorry, but I’m strong in my hometown. Because I’ve done “one person nabe” before (laugh).
Kitayama: Really!? One person nabe is really a high hurdle (laugh). What about one person yakiniku?
Yokoo・Miyata: I can do it no problem.
Kitayama: I think if I wanted to go I probably could go, but I don’t think about going (laugh).
Miyata: Yokoo-san seems like he could do “one person barbecue” sometime (laugh).
Yokoo: It’s fine to do it, but… Would that be fun (laugh)?
Kitayama: We go out to eat and stuff after work ends, but with all seven of us… First of all, we haven’t done that. Just when we went to yakiniku together before our debut?
Yokoo: Because there’s the “only meals group” and the “likes saunas group” (laugh). The ones who like saunas are, starting with Kitamitsu, Miyata, Senga, Nikaido, and also Tama.
Miyata: Recently, Tama’s switched to the only meals group. He doesn’t come to saunas often anymore.
Yokoo: Aren’t saunas tough?
Kitayama: No no, doing rehearsals, you sweat and doesn’t your body get tired? When you go into a sauna, it renews you and feels good. The food’s good too. (With a really good voice & giving a thumbs-up) Saunas are the best, right!
Miyata: There are also times when A.B.C-Z joins us here. Nika, Senga, and I participate in the Tsukada club…
Yokoo: And I participate in the Kawai club (laugh). It’s divided here too. But ultimately, we often end up gathering at the same store (laugh).
Kitayama: What’s the Tsukada club like?
Miyata: President Tsukada wants to bring Kisumai, A.B.C-Z, and also JUMP, everyone, all members along. But since he’s weak-spirited, it ends with him unable to invite everyone (laugh).
Yokoo: Hahaha! He invites me, but it’s always too sudden (laugh)!
Miyata: Besides, the president’s really unaggressive (laugh).
Kitayama: But I have the experience of the Tsukada club dragging me along to go bowling (laugh).
Miyata: Yeah. We kidnapped you (laugh). I heard that yesterday president Tsukada, Tottsu, and Nikaido went to eat together.
Yokoo: They’re really close.
Miyata: Recently I’m always with the Tsukada club, but I want to sit down and talk with Kawai-kun for the first time in a while. Next time, I’ll participate in the Kawai club too!
Kitayama: Speaking of which, I also meet Kawai unexpectedly in restaurants sometimes.
Yokoo: Our sphere of activities is narrow (laugh). Other than that, there’s also something called the “Kitayama club.”
Kitayama: Huh, Kitayama club!? Was there one?
Yokoo: Kitamitsu, Miyata, Nikaido, Senga, Tamamori.
Kitayama: Ah, in short, the “let’s go to a sauna and eat” team from before (laugh).
Miyata: We want to add “club” to everything (laugh).
Kitayama: But, it’s good somehow, us having these relationships. Leaving work and hanging out even transcending groups.
Yokoo: Yeah. It feels just like “a group who clicks.”
Kitayama: Because we share a lot of memories. …At some point the theme of our talk became A.B.C-Z (laugh).
Yokoo: Ahaha, it’s true. If the Tsukada club, Kawai club, or Kitayama club have meetings again, we’ll make a report of activities to Wink-up (laugh).

1. The phrase I’m translating as “to click” is “ki ga au” which could be literally translated as “the spirits fit” or “the spirits match.” It describes when people’s personalities or ways of thinking match or fit together well so that they get along easily.
2. Nikaido said “jimon” (asking oneself) instead of “gumon” (foolish question)
3. A pun on ATARU rhyming with kataru (to talk)
4. The shoot with Kawai in a kabuki costume appeared in the May 2012 issue of Wink up

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  • Where else to find me

    I feel like everything I post about is something I've been meaning to post about for a while and then finally do. ^^; Anyway, this is old news now,…

  • お好み焼いてオモロなる

    Since we're about half-way through the year now, I thought I'd take a look back at the list of fandom Johnny's-related things I hoped would…

  • たこ焼き食べりゃ国越える

    I made an account at goodreads.com! I'm always wanting to read more, so a place where I can keep track of books I've read and books I want to read…