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2016 may be the year of movies for me
Perfume party
I've been watching a lot of movies in 2016, at least a lot more than I normally do, although that's not saying a lot. I've already watched three movies in theaters this year. Three whole movies I've watched in theater this year and I might even watch another one in theater? The three I've seen are Concussion, Deadpool, and Star Trek: Beyond. And yeah, that may not seem like a lot, but the last time I had seen a movie in theaters prior to this year was 2013. Yeah, that's how much I typically am not a movie person.

Early-ish in the year, I heard a lot about Star Wars The Force Awakens and decided to watch it and liked it enough that I decided to watch the rest of the Star Wars movies to get the full story. And now I'm slowly starting to get into Marvel Cinematic Universe. And ngl part of why I'm so interested in MCU is the fandom, or more specifically the shipping. Because I am exactly the kind of shipper who gets into something because a ship in it seems interesting. xD

But part of why I say I'm "slowly" getting into it is because I started to watch some stuff and then talked with my brother and sister-in-law and we decided to watch through what we wanted to see together, but we only tend to meet up about once a month. >_< But now I'm really getting excited and really getting into stuff and can barely wait to watch more. T_T

Maybe what I can learn from this year is that it's a lot easier for me to get into movies when it's a series or a franchise. It's hard for me to get really enthusiastic about it otherwise. ^^;


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