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A month of games
This month I actually bought two new video games! And I basically bought them as they came out, too. That probably doesn't seem that exceptional, but it's been a struggle at times post-college to get back into gaming the way I was before and carve out time for it.

The first game was Ace of Attorney: Spirit of Justice, and I didn't even realize it was coming out until this month, but I think I downloaded it about the day after it was released? The stories and the characters are interesting as always. ^^

Don't get me wrong, every one of the Ace Attorney games has been tons of fun and had interesting stories, but I feel like they've almost gotten themselves into a bad cycle of trying too hard. Like they're trying too hard to introduce new gameplay elements every time and it feels like they're stretching in more ways than one. ^^; I guess maybe for me the basic gameplay and premise was already so great to begin with that I don't think they ever needed more than to keep writing interesting stories and updating for the new possibilities on new systems (which they've of course did with 3D graphics). But of course, I'm absolutely enjoying the game and the story.

I was really hoping to finish Spirit of Justice before the other game came out today, but alas I'm not done yet, not even with the main story (I will probably buy the dlc and play that too lol).

And the second game I was looking forward to coming out this month is Yokai Watch 2. I ended up getting the Bony Spirits version, and I even preordered it. I don't remember if I ever mentioned here that I got the first Yokai Watch game either, but I did and I really enjoyed it and I finished it wishing it was longer and had more stuff to do. From what I've read about Yokai Watch 2, it seems like it should be the more (and hopefully longer) I was hoping for. I've only barely started playing it tonight, clocking about an hour, and I can hardly wait for the game to really get going.


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