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WTF Post Office
I guess it's kind of a weird change in my lifestyle after quitting my old horrible grocery store job, but now I'm usually not around when deliveries are typically made. And I typically order enough Japanese CDs/DVDs/magazines/books that I'll have something shipped to me usually 1-2 times per month at least. So I live in an apartment complex and the management office can accept packages for me, fine right? I even signed a piece of paper and everything. Things should work out great!

Except in reality it's like 50/50 whether the packages will actually get delivered or get stuck in limbo. All of the stuff from Japan either comes through Fedex or the postal service. Domestic stuff often comes through UPS, but that's much fewer orders. I've had the least problems with UPS; they'll pretty reliably just leave it at the apartment management office (as long as they're open that day) and leave a notice saying so. I can just pick it up and everything works out. Fedex and the USPS are the ones giving me problems. It's not even a matter of whether a signature is required or not. Like sometimes they'll have someone at the office sign for it, and sometimes, just not deliver it? I guess maybe they have the bad timing of coming when the office is closed, but it also seems like sometimes they come back and try to deliver to the office and sometimes don't?

But still, Fedex always leaves a notice, although sometimes the notices are inaccurate for some reason? One time the COD box was checked even though it wasn't COD, and one time it said "check leasing office" but when I went to the office they said Fedex hadn't even come that day. So weird. But still, they always leave a notice, and if it isn't delivered I can wait and hope it's delivered the next day or use their website to have it sent to the nearest Fedex office and pick it up.

The worst, though, is my local post office. I have never had so many problems so frequently with the post office as I have had here. I can think of only one other time ever before here that the post office has failed me. Like Fedex, sometimes they'll leave it at the office and sometimes they won't, with no apparent rhyme or reason. And like Fedex, they're supposed to leave a notice. Supposed to. It wasn't like this right away, but shortly after I moved here, it sounds like they got a bunch of new trainees in or something and now, actually more often than not, they either don't leave any notice at all or leave it in the wrong box. I won't pick shipping methods without tracking any more, because I can't trust the post office to just never leave any notice and send my orders back to sender without ever contacting me. T_T So I watch the tracking and if I see that they tried to deliver, I'll take the note if I'm lucky, or write down the tracking number and my address if I'm not lucky and go pick it up at the post office the next day.

However, the USPS also has a reschedule delivery option through their tracking, and if it's close to say, a Saturday or day I'll have off from work and can just sit around in my apartment and wait for it, why not use it? Well, I have tried this method three times and three times my local post office has managed to fuck it up. The first time I requested it to be delivered on a Saturday, and I waited around with no ring on my buzzer. I checked my mailbox and saw the mail had already come, and then I checked with the office and they hadn't received it either. So I freak out and go to the post office while they're still open, and the person at the counter is like treating me like I'm being unreasonable at first, but it turns out they filed the package wrong and never sent it out for redelivery. >:< The second time, I scheduled the redelivery on Wednesday for the following Friday because my work was gonna be close that day. Yeah, they tried to deliver it on Thursday instead, and I ended up having to go into the post office to pick it up on Friday anyway. And finally, this past week they tried to deliver something on Friday, I scheduled the redelivery for Saturday, and of course, looking at the tracking, it probably never even went out for delivery. I'll see if there's any movement Monday and hopefully I'll be able to pick it up Monday or Tuesday, but yeah, I'm never using the USPS schedule redelivery option again, at least not while I live here.

I guess this is all to say that I still haven't gotten my copies of Johnny's WEST's new single that I ordered. orz
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