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What is work even
not looking (up)
This week so far and last week have been better, but lately I've had plenty of moments of wondering what the point of it all is. Like, why we even work? Or why people make companies (so much work??)? Or why people advance technology? Where are we going? What are we doing? Although that's probably because I was reading lots of anti-capitalist posts, lol. Politics making me existential~ Although I'm kinda bummed I'm missing the deadline to register to vote so I can vote in the presidential primaries, oops. I haven't bothered getting a new driver's license for Illinois yet, and apparently online voter registration (and also online tax filing I've discovered) requires you have an Illinois license or ID. All I have is my weird Wisconsin driver's license where people in other states can't figure out where to find the birthdate! Maybe that's all different states' IDs, though, who knows. Ah well, I'll have to register later I guess.

But anyway, work actually has been okay-ish last week and so far this week? Although last week it helped that I took Monday off for a family trip, so I got a short week. But the week before last week we had our averaging-once-every-other-week meeting with my supervisor, my supervisor's supervisor, and me, and because accounting is really swamped 'til about April, I was asked to help them when I have time. Last week I helped a little making copies and it helped me so much to just have something to do with extra time. ^^ This week so far has been pretty busy with a lot of stuff happening even though normally things are really quiet for me early in the week, so that has been kind of nice, although being hit with a bad cold was not at all nice. T_T I do seem to be doing better now so hopefully it's all up from here.

Maybe it's weird, but I'm always looking forward to things like meetings and mandatory trainings. Like there's mandatory harassment prevention trainings coming up and I'm thinking, like, oh how interesting xD I mean, that could go well or it could go terribly, but I'm hoping it goes well ^^; I think a part of it is just because meetings and stuff mean anywhere from a half hour to multiple hours I can look forward to just have something scheduled to do and not worry about it. Maybe I'll start to think our monthly safely trainings are boring in a year when I've been through them all, but idk. Because I also just like learning about things, even things I've learned about before. Mandatory monthly meetings mean I get to hear how the company's doing and other announcements, and mandatory trainings mean I get to learn something new maybe or at least hear things explained in a new way.

But I am a little worried about next week because my supervisor is taking a vacation part of the week and most of her work will fall to me while she's out. orz At least I probably won't be bored? ^^;


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