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Wow I had a lot of things to talk about
Perfume party
One thing I really wanted to do after I got an office job is paint my nails more, and I'm working on that! My company's annual holiday party is tomorrow and I painted my nails for it:

Maybe if I paint my nails more and more often it'll get easier to paint them without getting polish all over the surrounding skin ^^; I had bought a few new nail colors and I was holding back on painting my nails even though I was excited about it because I wanted to have it fresh to show off at the holiday party. I also bought top-coat and used it for the first time. I feel like such a beginner when it comes to nails. I'd never used a top-coat before and so it would always start to chip off in a day or two orz. But the top-coat I used made my nails look really finished and polished! I'm also really stretching myself and using an effects top-coat for an accent nail. It was a lot harder to work with than I was expecting! I'm also afraid that the stars will come off the first time I wash my hands or something; I'm so nervous.

I am excited for the holiday party itself, for a chance to hang out with coworkers a little casually (?) and to see them wearing fancy clothes and stuff o(^^)o But I'm also a little worried about it because it's 5 hours long (?!) and that's a long time to spend socializing with people, most of whom I don't really know all that well... I don't understand why it's scheduled for so long. Is there really gonna be so much going on that I won't feel bored or stressed? I'll see. >_<

Pretty much ever since the DVD for A.B.C-Z's Early Summer Concert came out and I watched it, I've been in a big Ebi mood. ♥ Ebi always puts on such great performances and puts so much work into everything they do. It makes me even sadder that they've been kind of neglected. :/ But they still make the best of it and do their own thing and ugh they're so good. T_T But it got kinda bad last night when I was struck with inspiration for Ebi fanfic and couldn't sleep. I stayed up like 3 hours later than I really should have, as if I don't already feel inexplicably sleepy most days and have trouble sticking to my self-set bedtime. ^^; But I guess the good part is that I actually started writing some stuff down, including bits of Fuuma/Fumito fic! I've actually had a plot in mind for a Fuuma/Fumito fic (yeah I ship that and yeah only half of that ship is Ebi, I know) for months now, and it'd be great if I could be struck with inspiration enough to even write a full draft for it xD I also thought of an idea for a HashiTotsu fic, but man...

I feel like I need a fic writing cheerleader/light beta? Sometimes I want a sounding board for my fic ideas and I often feel like I have an idea that I think is really cool only to doubt most of it shortly later. But at the same time I feel like my stuff isn't worth it because I pretty much just write ficlets and drabble-y stuff... Which is just more of me devaluing my own work, huh? :/ But primarily English-speaking Johnny's fandom is small and it gets even smaller when you narrow it down to people who like the same groups and ships you. IDK

I also got my copies of the new JWEST album this week, and I'm really enjoying it! I miss posting thoughts posts about Jpop releases and stuff on here, so I'll try to write a post just about it. For now I'll say that I really like this album for the most part. ^_^


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