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最近はまってることがStar Trek
Wow I really like the Japanese verb はまる. Anyway, lately I've been super into Star Trek: TOS. I used to watch a bunch of Star Trek: TNG reruns back when I was in junior high or high school, but I never got super into TOS. Lately though I'd been seeing so many things about how progressive Star Trek was for its time that I got the urge to watch more of it. So I've pretty much been binge-watching TOS episodes starting from the ones available online and then borrowing the DVDs from the library. ^^

And a couple weeks back I went to an event at a bar with my brother and played the Artemis Spaceship Bridge simulator. It was super fun and I really want to play it again sometime. We got three rounds in. The first two I did weapons and the last round I did science. xD

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hy , babe! How have you been? ^^

I've been pretty stressed about my work and stuff, but I'm hanging in there. >_< How are you doing?

Awww...don't forget to take a rest and have healthy food >< I'm doing good, I've just watched Arashi blast in Hawaii recently, xixixi.

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