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感謝のこころ 忘れずに 西へ東へ ジャジャーンと伝えましょう
So back on Wednesday I got my copies of Jipangu Ookini Daisakusen/Yume wo Dakishimete! (lol why are both of the titles long) All 4 versions, with all four clear files.

With Jipangu Ookini Daisakusen, it's like the managed to make a song and music video that's even more Kansai than the previous heavily-Kansai-themed songs. xD At one point I imagined what a Konamon music video would look like, and I figure it'd look a lot like the CG portions of Jipangu Ookini Daisakusen. xD I like Yume wo Dakishimete. Everyone's so well dressed in the music video and everyone looks really cool and hot. ^///^ Also, I like that they put a hat on Kotaki for the video. Kotaki really rocked that hat. But, lol, did someone take inspiration from FIRE BEAT with those fire scenes? It was done well but I immediately thought of FIRE BEAT.

SUPERSTAR may be my favorite song from this single. At least, it's the one I want to listen to over and over again. ^^ The lyrics really fit the story of Again!! (never mind that I've only gotten around to watching like 2 episodes of it) and I always want to sing along with the chorus. for now and forever is a nice cheerful and happy song, though when they performed it on Shokura last week, it didn't leave that strong of an impression. I think because it sounded like they weren't at all used to singing it live. Certain parts of WESTERN PARADE sounded... weird to me... Like they had put the backing vocals too loud and it didn't sound like Johnny's WEST anymore? It's not bad, but... weird. I like Can't stop okay, but it didn't stand out to me compared to the rest of the songs on the single. But, with both Yume wo Dakishimete and Can't stop on this single, and then Criminal from their album... why are all of Johnny's WEST's love songs about unhealthy relationships and/or obsessive love? xD I mean, I know that sort of thing is more entertaining but still. ^^;

Overall, with the range of songs on this single, it sounds like they're trying a good variety of different styles of music.

A major thing I noticed throughout both the makings and just in whatever Johnny's WEST does, is how much they are all over each other. xD They're always casually putting their arms over each other's shoulders or hugging each other out of nowhere. That and how comfortable they are teasing each other (especially Kotaki's "you're my senpai but I'm totally going to mess with you anyway" thing he's been doing ^^) and how easily they play off of each other just makes me so happy to watch them and be a fan. They seem so close and so happy with each other. It's really exactly the kind of group I like. ♥


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