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[sticky post]Intro/Friending Post
Yokoo nekomimi
Here it is! My sticky intro/friending post!

If you're interested in adding me, please first read and comment on this post introducing yourself and telling me why you're interested in adding me. ♥
I'm looking for friends who are active on LJ and who share at least one or two interests with me. If you don't comment on this post or if you have an empty or near-empty journal, I won't add you back

Name: Lena
Age: 25

Journal contents
Fandom: Sometimes I post translations and even more rarely I post fanfic (this is slash fanfic and usually RPS fanfic), but usually it's just me rambling about recent releases or episodes or fandom news.
(If you're planning to follow me only for my translations, I would highly recommend just following the relevant communities instead. I will always cross-post translations and leave translation posts unlocked.)
My day-to-day life: This is the part of my journal that makes it semi-friends only. Things like work, clothes/make-up/jewelry I've bought recently, what I want to do with my life, and jobs I'm applying to.
My journal contents may shift based on what I think my currently active friends on LJ like to read about.
My post frequency has decreased recently, but I aim to post about once a month.

My main fandom is Johnny's right now.
My favorite groups are: Arashi, A.B.C-Z, Johnny's WEST, and V6
I also like some Jrs. (Tokyo and Kansai) and I keep aware of the activities of pretty much all of the groups to some degree

Other Interests
Other J-pop: Fudanjuku, THE HOOPERS
Video Games
Japan (Language, culture, history)
Foreign Languages
Anime and Manga

I am a bisexual woman.
I am kinky.
I am a feminist.
I graduated with a BA in Japanese from a liberal arts college.
^These are things I don't necessarily talk about a lot on my journal, but they strongly influence how I see the world and how I talk about things.

If, reading all that, you're interested in adding me, please comment below! Thank you!

Last updated 2/25/2017


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