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Here it is! My sticky intro/friending post!

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I'm looking for friends who are active on LJ and who share at least one or two interests with me. If you don't comment on this post or if you have an empty or near-empty journal, I won't add you back

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My local post office continues to be incompetent
Today's post is inspired by me remembering that I had made a "wtfuckery" tag and by my local post office continuing to be terrible.

Look, I think public, government-run services are great, even if they're slow or overworked or made cumbersome with bureaucracy, but my local post office is very unreliable. I've said in a previous post that I've only ever had a problem with a post office once before moving here, but the problems keep continuing with my local post office.

It's hard to even remember when it all started, but in September, I think, I ordered two of these phone cleaner plushies, one for me and one as a late birthday present to my sister-in-law. Well, to cut to the end, my sister-in-law never got her birthday present.

I picked air shipping, and it was taking longer than usual, but there was tracking. According to the tracking, it made it to my town's post office, but it never went out to be delivered. After a couple of weeks I decided I finally had to contact the post office to found out what happened to it. I hate talking on the phone and found out there was a way to make inquiries by email, so I sent one out. The Saturday after I sent the inquiry, someone from my post office called me (even though I entered into the form that I preferred email contact, of course), but I didn't answer because I didn't know the number.

She left a voice mail though. And ugh, she acted kinda put out that I had sent it by email using the national form instead of calling my local office first. When I told my family this story, they guessed it probably made them look bad to get an inquiry, but seriously it's their own fucking fault if they look bad. (# ゚Д゚) But she said they'd investigate and get back to me by Monday. She also told me to check with my apartment's office (as if I hadn't already multiple fucking times) and to call her if it was there. It wasn't there when I checked after work on Monday, obviously, so I didn't call her. Unfortunately she also didn't call me. Even though she said she would. I never heard from her or anyone else at my post office again.

After waiting a few more weeks, I checked the tracking online on a whim, and it was being returned to sender. So at some point they had to have found it. And they never bothered contacting me to tell me. Ever. Great fucking job post office. Great fucking job.

Like, I suppose I could have contacted them again, and I thought about it a couple times, but I shouldn't have to. I shouldn't have to chase after my mail just to make sure it doesn't get lost or mis-filed and actually makes its way to me. Ugh.

Well it's been returned to sender, and at least their policy is to refund the cost of items returned undelivered. I'm still out the eight dollars I paid for shipping though. :< I'm trying again, and hopefully this time my sister-in-law will get a Christmas present. I picked EMS shipping this time and I'm seriously hoping nothing else gets lost. I might have to move just to live somewhere the post office isn't so shitty.

2016 may be the year of movies for me
Perfume party
I've been watching a lot of movies in 2016, at least a lot more than I normally do, although that's not saying a lot. I've already watched three movies in theaters this year. Three whole movies I've watched in theater this year and I might even watch another one in theater? The three I've seen are Concussion, Deadpool, and Star Trek: Beyond. And yeah, that may not seem like a lot, but the last time I had seen a movie in theaters prior to this year was 2013. Yeah, that's how much I typically am not a movie person.

Early-ish in the year, I heard a lot about Star Wars The Force Awakens and decided to watch it and liked it enough that I decided to watch the rest of the Star Wars movies to get the full story. And now I'm slowly starting to get into Marvel Cinematic Universe. And ngl part of why I'm so interested in MCU is the fandom, or more specifically the shipping. Because I am exactly the kind of shipper who gets into something because a ship in it seems interesting. xD

But part of why I say I'm "slowly" getting into it is because I started to watch some stuff and then talked with my brother and sister-in-law and we decided to watch through what we wanted to see together, but we only tend to meet up about once a month. >_< But now I'm really getting excited and really getting into stuff and can barely wait to watch more. T_T

Maybe what I can learn from this year is that it's a lot easier for me to get into movies when it's a series or a franchise. It's hard for me to get really enthusiastic about it otherwise. ^^;

A month of games
This month I actually bought two new video games! And I basically bought them as they came out, too. That probably doesn't seem that exceptional, but it's been a struggle at times post-college to get back into gaming the way I was before and carve out time for it.

The first game was Ace of Attorney: Spirit of Justice, and I didn't even realize it was coming out until this month, but I think I downloaded it about the day after it was released? The stories and the characters are interesting as always. ^^

Don't get me wrong, every one of the Ace Attorney games has been tons of fun and had interesting stories, but I feel like they've almost gotten themselves into a bad cycle of trying too hard. Like they're trying too hard to introduce new gameplay elements every time and it feels like they're stretching in more ways than one. ^^; I guess maybe for me the basic gameplay and premise was already so great to begin with that I don't think they ever needed more than to keep writing interesting stories and updating for the new possibilities on new systems (which they've of course did with 3D graphics). But of course, I'm absolutely enjoying the game and the story.

I was really hoping to finish Spirit of Justice before the other game came out today, but alas I'm not done yet, not even with the main story (I will probably buy the dlc and play that too lol).

And the second game I was looking forward to coming out this month is Yokai Watch 2. I ended up getting the Bony Spirits version, and I even preordered it. I don't remember if I ever mentioned here that I got the first Yokai Watch game either, but I did and I really enjoyed it and I finished it wishing it was longer and had more stuff to do. From what I've read about Yokai Watch 2, it seems like it should be the more (and hopefully longer) I was hoping for. I've only barely started playing it tonight, clocking about an hour, and I can hardly wait for the game to really get going.

WTF Post Office
I guess it's kind of a weird change in my lifestyle after quitting my old horrible grocery store job, but now I'm usually not around when deliveries are typically made. And I typically order enough Japanese CDs/DVDs/magazines/books that I'll have something shipped to me usually 1-2 times per month at least. So I live in an apartment complex and the management office can accept packages for me, fine right? I even signed a piece of paper and everything. Things should work out great!

Except in reality it's like 50/50 whether the packages will actually get delivered or get stuck in limbo. All of the stuff from Japan either comes through Fedex or the postal service. Domestic stuff often comes through UPS, but that's much fewer orders. I've had the least problems with UPS; they'll pretty reliably just leave it at the apartment management office (as long as they're open that day) and leave a notice saying so. I can just pick it up and everything works out. Fedex and the USPS are the ones giving me problems. It's not even a matter of whether a signature is required or not. Like sometimes they'll have someone at the office sign for it, and sometimes, just not deliver it? I guess maybe they have the bad timing of coming when the office is closed, but it also seems like sometimes they come back and try to deliver to the office and sometimes don't?

But still, Fedex always leaves a notice, although sometimes the notices are inaccurate for some reason? One time the COD box was checked even though it wasn't COD, and one time it said "check leasing office" but when I went to the office they said Fedex hadn't even come that day. So weird. But still, they always leave a notice, and if it isn't delivered I can wait and hope it's delivered the next day or use their website to have it sent to the nearest Fedex office and pick it up.

The worst, though, is my local post office. I have never had so many problems so frequently with the post office as I have had here. I can think of only one other time ever before here that the post office has failed me. Like Fedex, sometimes they'll leave it at the office and sometimes they won't, with no apparent rhyme or reason. And like Fedex, they're supposed to leave a notice. Supposed to. It wasn't like this right away, but shortly after I moved here, it sounds like they got a bunch of new trainees in or something and now, actually more often than not, they either don't leave any notice at all or leave it in the wrong box. I won't pick shipping methods without tracking any more, because I can't trust the post office to just never leave any notice and send my orders back to sender without ever contacting me. T_T So I watch the tracking and if I see that they tried to deliver, I'll take the note if I'm lucky, or write down the tracking number and my address if I'm not lucky and go pick it up at the post office the next day.

However, the USPS also has a reschedule delivery option through their tracking, and if it's close to say, a Saturday or day I'll have off from work and can just sit around in my apartment and wait for it, why not use it? Well, I have tried this method three times and three times my local post office has managed to fuck it up. The first time I requested it to be delivered on a Saturday, and I waited around with no ring on my buzzer. I checked my mailbox and saw the mail had already come, and then I checked with the office and they hadn't received it either. So I freak out and go to the post office while they're still open, and the person at the counter is like treating me like I'm being unreasonable at first, but it turns out they filed the package wrong and never sent it out for redelivery. >:< The second time, I scheduled the redelivery on Wednesday for the following Friday because my work was gonna be close that day. Yeah, they tried to deliver it on Thursday instead, and I ended up having to go into the post office to pick it up on Friday anyway. And finally, this past week they tried to deliver something on Friday, I scheduled the redelivery for Saturday, and of course, looking at the tracking, it probably never even went out for delivery. I'll see if there's any movement Monday and hopefully I'll be able to pick it up Monday or Tuesday, but yeah, I'm never using the USPS schedule redelivery option again, at least not while I live here.

I guess this is all to say that I still haven't gotten my copies of Johnny's WEST's new single that I ordered. orz
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What is work even
not looking (up)
This week so far and last week have been better, but lately I've had plenty of moments of wondering what the point of it all is. Like, why we even work? Or why people make companies (so much work??)? Or why people advance technology? Where are we going? What are we doing? Although that's probably because I was reading lots of anti-capitalist posts, lol. Politics making me existential~ Although I'm kinda bummed I'm missing the deadline to register to vote so I can vote in the presidential primaries, oops. I haven't bothered getting a new driver's license for Illinois yet, and apparently online voter registration (and also online tax filing I've discovered) requires you have an Illinois license or ID. All I have is my weird Wisconsin driver's license where people in other states can't figure out where to find the birthdate! Maybe that's all different states' IDs, though, who knows. Ah well, I'll have to register later I guess.

But anyway, work actually has been okay-ish last week and so far this week? Although last week it helped that I took Monday off for a family trip, so I got a short week. But the week before last week we had our averaging-once-every-other-week meeting with my supervisor, my supervisor's supervisor, and me, and because accounting is really swamped 'til about April, I was asked to help them when I have time. Last week I helped a little making copies and it helped me so much to just have something to do with extra time. ^^ This week so far has been pretty busy with a lot of stuff happening even though normally things are really quiet for me early in the week, so that has been kind of nice, although being hit with a bad cold was not at all nice. T_T I do seem to be doing better now so hopefully it's all up from here.

Maybe it's weird, but I'm always looking forward to things like meetings and mandatory trainings. Like there's mandatory harassment prevention trainings coming up and I'm thinking, like, oh how interesting xD I mean, that could go well or it could go terribly, but I'm hoping it goes well ^^; I think a part of it is just because meetings and stuff mean anywhere from a half hour to multiple hours I can look forward to just have something scheduled to do and not worry about it. Maybe I'll start to think our monthly safely trainings are boring in a year when I've been through them all, but idk. Because I also just like learning about things, even things I've learned about before. Mandatory monthly meetings mean I get to hear how the company's doing and other announcements, and mandatory trainings mean I get to learn something new maybe or at least hear things explained in a new way.

But I am a little worried about next week because my supervisor is taking a vacation part of the week and most of her work will fall to me while she's out. orz At least I probably won't be bored? ^^;

Wow I had a lot of things to talk about
Perfume party
One thing I really wanted to do after I got an office job is paint my nails more, and I'm working on that! My company's annual holiday party is tomorrow and I painted my nails for it:

Maybe if I paint my nails more and more often it'll get easier to paint them without getting polish all over the surrounding skin ^^; I had bought a few new nail colors and I was holding back on painting my nails even though I was excited about it because I wanted to have it fresh to show off at the holiday party. I also bought top-coat and used it for the first time. I feel like such a beginner when it comes to nails. I'd never used a top-coat before and so it would always start to chip off in a day or two orz. But the top-coat I used made my nails look really finished and polished! I'm also really stretching myself and using an effects top-coat for an accent nail. It was a lot harder to work with than I was expecting! I'm also afraid that the stars will come off the first time I wash my hands or something; I'm so nervous.

I am excited for the holiday party itself, for a chance to hang out with coworkers a little casually (?) and to see them wearing fancy clothes and stuff o(^^)o But I'm also a little worried about it because it's 5 hours long (?!) and that's a long time to spend socializing with people, most of whom I don't really know all that well... I don't understand why it's scheduled for so long. Is there really gonna be so much going on that I won't feel bored or stressed? I'll see. >_<

Pretty much ever since the DVD for A.B.C-Z's Early Summer Concert came out and I watched it, I've been in a big Ebi mood. ♥ Ebi always puts on such great performances and puts so much work into everything they do. It makes me even sadder that they've been kind of neglected. :/ But they still make the best of it and do their own thing and ugh they're so good. T_T But it got kinda bad last night when I was struck with inspiration for Ebi fanfic and couldn't sleep. I stayed up like 3 hours later than I really should have, as if I don't already feel inexplicably sleepy most days and have trouble sticking to my self-set bedtime. ^^; But I guess the good part is that I actually started writing some stuff down, including bits of Fuuma/Fumito fic! I've actually had a plot in mind for a Fuuma/Fumito fic (yeah I ship that and yeah only half of that ship is Ebi, I know) for months now, and it'd be great if I could be struck with inspiration enough to even write a full draft for it xD I also thought of an idea for a HashiTotsu fic, but man...

I feel like I need a fic writing cheerleader/light beta? Sometimes I want a sounding board for my fic ideas and I often feel like I have an idea that I think is really cool only to doubt most of it shortly later. But at the same time I feel like my stuff isn't worth it because I pretty much just write ficlets and drabble-y stuff... Which is just more of me devaluing my own work, huh? :/ But primarily English-speaking Johnny's fandom is small and it gets even smaller when you narrow it down to people who like the same groups and ships you. IDK

I also got my copies of the new JWEST album this week, and I'm really enjoying it! I miss posting thoughts posts about Jpop releases and stuff on here, so I'll try to write a post just about it. For now I'll say that I really like this album for the most part. ^_^

最近はまってることがStar Trek
Wow I really like the Japanese verb はまる. Anyway, lately I've been super into Star Trek: TOS. I used to watch a bunch of Star Trek: TNG reruns back when I was in junior high or high school, but I never got super into TOS. Lately though I'd been seeing so many things about how progressive Star Trek was for its time that I got the urge to watch more of it. So I've pretty much been binge-watching TOS episodes starting from the ones available online and then borrowing the DVDs from the library. ^^

And a couple weeks back I went to an event at a bar with my brother and played the Artemis Spaceship Bridge simulator. It was super fun and I really want to play it again sometime. We got three rounds in. The first two I did weapons and the last round I did science. xD

君も問題ガール 普通になんてなれないでしょう
Oops, I dropped the ball on making a monthly post in February >_< I actually feel like I've been having a few creative sparks recently and there's been stuff I wanted to post about, but I just feel like I have no energy lately. T_T And then I went and got sick last weekend. And now I've been trying to write this post for about a week. orz I just need to finish it tonight.

Anyway, one of the things I've been wanting to post about is the jdrama I'm watching this season! I want to post about it every season, but most of the time the season ends and the next begins before I get around to it. orz Today, though, I'll just be talking about my favorite jdrama this season: Mondai no Aru Restaurant! Because I have a lot to say about it ^^;

I feel like in the past year or two I've been seeing more jdrama with feminist themes, and Mondai no Aru Restaurant is one of them. If I were to describe it in one sentence, I'd say it's about a group of women plus one crossdressing gay man starting a restaurant and fighting the patriarchy. xD What sets Mondai no Aru Restaurant apart for me, though, is all the other jdrama I've seen so far with clear, major feminist themes have ended up (in my opinion) dropping the ball on one issue or another or undermining their own messages in some way, but Mondai no Aru has yet to do that. Yeah, so if it continues on has it has been, Mondai no Aru Restaurant will probably be the best jdrama I've ever watched. ^^

Every character, every storyline, every detail, every hint and piece of foreshadowing, every element of this show works together to create an amazing story. I keep thinking about each episode for weeks after it airs, and I'm always looking forward to the upcoming episodes, to learning more about these great characters and to finding out what happens next in their stories. I could go on and on about it, but one episode that really wowed me was the Valentine's Day episode (episode 5). There are always several different stories going along on any given episode, but for the first few episodes seemed to each focus on a different character's story. The Valentine's Day episode (and Valentine's Day did happen in this episode) seemed to focus on one character getting stalked and hit, but ultimately I feel like it's about her learning her own self-worth, learning to cherish herself and her body more and learning to say no. It didn't really hit me until a little after I watched the episode though, how much it meant that they chose to do that for the Valentine's Day episode. Every time the dude who was stalking her did something that would be considered romantic if he was doing it at someone who actually liked him, they just focused on her face and how horrified she looked. They chose to make the Valentine's Day episode about romance going horribly wrong and hurting someone.

But yeah, the story is just super well-constructed. Watching through it, I feel like there are so many places where a simple line or action from a character is just super meaningful because of their pasts, and I feel like there's a lot of worth in rewatching it because there's a ton of hints at future revelations, too.

Okay, one last thing about Mondai no Aru Restaurant that I really love is that it has one of the best if not just the best representation of an LGB character I've seen in a jdrama. Like, yeah Haiji fits some stereotypes but he's not just a stereotype and he's not there to be laughed at. In fact, when other characters make jokes at his expense, he gets upset and calls them out. Also, they seem to have done a good job understanding the differences between sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender presentation, which, wow, is something mainstream pop culture anywhere I know of has trouble understanding, so good job, Mondai no Aru Restaurant.

感謝のこころ 忘れずに 西へ東へ ジャジャーンと伝えましょう
So back on Wednesday I got my copies of Jipangu Ookini Daisakusen/Yume wo Dakishimete! (lol why are both of the titles long) All 4 versions, with all four clear files.

With Jipangu Ookini Daisakusen, it's like the managed to make a song and music video that's even more Kansai than the previous heavily-Kansai-themed songs. xD At one point I imagined what a Konamon music video would look like, and I figure it'd look a lot like the CG portions of Jipangu Ookini Daisakusen. xD I like Yume wo Dakishimete. Everyone's so well dressed in the music video and everyone looks really cool and hot. ^///^ Also, I like that they put a hat on Kotaki for the video. Kotaki really rocked that hat. But, lol, did someone take inspiration from FIRE BEAT with those fire scenes? It was done well but I immediately thought of FIRE BEAT.

SUPERSTAR may be my favorite song from this single. At least, it's the one I want to listen to over and over again. ^^ The lyrics really fit the story of Again!! (never mind that I've only gotten around to watching like 2 episodes of it) and I always want to sing along with the chorus. for now and forever is a nice cheerful and happy song, though when they performed it on Shokura last week, it didn't leave that strong of an impression. I think because it sounded like they weren't at all used to singing it live. Certain parts of WESTERN PARADE sounded... weird to me... Like they had put the backing vocals too loud and it didn't sound like Johnny's WEST anymore? It's not bad, but... weird. I like Can't stop okay, but it didn't stand out to me compared to the rest of the songs on the single. But, with both Yume wo Dakishimete and Can't stop on this single, and then Criminal from their album... why are all of Johnny's WEST's love songs about unhealthy relationships and/or obsessive love? xD I mean, I know that sort of thing is more entertaining but still. ^^;

Overall, with the range of songs on this single, it sounds like they're trying a good variety of different styles of music.

A major thing I noticed throughout both the makings and just in whatever Johnny's WEST does, is how much they are all over each other. xD They're always casually putting their arms over each other's shoulders or hugging each other out of nowhere. That and how comfortable they are teasing each other (especially Kotaki's "you're my senpai but I'm totally going to mess with you anyway" thing he's been doing ^^) and how easily they play off of each other just makes me so happy to watch them and be a fan. They seem so close and so happy with each other. It's really exactly the kind of group I like. ♥


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