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Here it is! My sticky intro/friending post!

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I'm looking for friends who are active on LJ and who share at least one or two interests with me. If you don't comment on this post or have an empty or near-empty journal, I won't add you back

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If, reading all that, you're interested in adding me, please comment below! Thank you!

なあ、どうして? この5人が こうして 共に生きる? 感じてみて 言葉なんていらない
I think it was back on... Thursday? that my copies of Legend Story and my copies of ABC Za 2013 digest came.

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I really really like both music videos. If Ebi ever makes a bad or mediocre music video, I will be shocked. They're always so focused on making great performances, it really comes through to the finished product. ♥ And for Legend Story, they even had fans appear again! In the making, with Tottsu talking about how the staff, like the camera people and the lighting people, all the people they work with actually have it the hardest (and in this case, that included the fans who joined in), how Ebi actually have it the easiest, even if it looks like it's hard on them because they're the ones in front of the camera, and with Ebi greeting the fans and saying that this time, they didn't think of them as "fans" but as "costars" appearing with them, I cried some watching the making. ♥

It was really cool that they used the costumes from the drama for the Bokura no Kotae Here We Go video! Although probably partially because of that, it looked so hot, as in, Tottsu looked like he was sweating through all the dance shots. xD And most of the rest of them, their faces at least all looked a little sweaty from time to time.

I think of the songs from the bonus CD this time, BIG STAR made the biggest impression on me. It was kind of like they were telling the story of A.B.C-Z through the song. ♥

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I gotta say, I'm pretty interested in Johnny's history, but! The story of the Johnny's going to America, meeting famous people, and recording songs isn't a piece of Johnny's history I'm all that interested in... I kinda knew it was a story I wasn't particularly interested in when I bought the DVD though, so I knew Part 1 was something I'd have to endure a little. The song and dance performances were all cool though! And it was pretty fun to see Tottsu play so many different characters. xD

It felt like most of the stuff that got cut to make this a "digest" got cut from Part 2... that, is, the parts I was most interested in. >_< I would've liked to see more about Four Leaves and Shounentai, but alas. (Then again, I am sad if Shounentai is brought up without a performance of Kamen Butoukai. I just really like Kamen Butoukai.) The A.B.C-Z legend part was my favorite part, and seeing the part where they showed Hasshi really struggling to keep up and the other members being strict/harsh with him brought tears to my eyes. But one thing I noticed watching the Ebi Legend part... and one thing I notice watching Ebi things in general is... damn do Hasshi and Tottsu stare at each other a lot! xD Like every time they look at each other, it's a long, meaningful look or something! ♥ HashiTotsu ♥

Anyway, overall I'm glad I bought the ABC Za 2013 DVD because I really enjoyed part two of the musical, and the Ebi medleys. The 5 Rings performance alone probably would have made it worth it.

This is a Jewelry Post
Nocchi blue
I went to the Renaissance Faire this past weekend with my family, which means I bought a lot of sweet accessories! I also got some jewelry yesterday that I ordered online, so I figured I'd put all of that into one post.

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Yokoo nekomimi
Since we're about half-way through the year now, I thought I'd take a look back at the list of fandom Johnny's-related things I hoped would happen this year (see here) and see how things have turned out at the half-way mark.

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Speaking of A.B.C-Z no Ienai yo, that reminds me of an interesting list I found in the July issue of Popolo. There was a whole big section about Johnny's variety shows, including reader rankings, and one of the rankings was "Variety shows you want to see again". The rank was as follows (I'm not familiar with all of these shows, so sorry if I romanize something weird):
1. You Konto Shichainayo
2. Kiss My Fake
3. Gakkou e Ikou
4. Kanpani
5. Arashi no Shukudai-kun
6. Yanyan JUMP
7. Himitsu no Arashi-chan
8. A.B.C-Z no Ienai yo
9. 8ji da J
10. Soukon

I am pretty glad other fans liked A.B.C-Z no Ienai yo enough to list it here. I am also not at all surprised at You Konto Shichainayo making it. I really hope they make it a yearly or semiannual thing! There's a lot of really popular older Johnny's shows on the list too. ♥ The only one I don't get is Kiss My Fake being on there, especially in the #2 spot, since I found that show so boring I stopped watching after a few episodes, but there are a lot of Kisumai fans, and a lot of Kisumai fans would be regular Popolo readers, so *shrugs*.

Yokoo nekomimi
I made an account at goodreads.com! I'm always wanting to read more, so a place where I can keep track of books I've read and books I want to read AND get book recommendations sounds pretty sweet. So if you're using it and want to share book recs or something or just be friends there, please comment or message me! And I feel like I should let you know that I decided to make an account while looking up lesbian mystery novels because this information is so important. xD

In fandom news... *sigh* I was already strongly leaning towards not buying it, although some kind of miracle in the track-list could have changed my mind. But alas, a miracle did not happen. Kisumai's management seems set on changing absolutely nothing and making absolutely zero progress ever, so I don't even want to support it all anymore. And since, with the debut of Johnny's WEST, I was feeling like I might need to hold back somewhere else anyway, well, Kisumai, if you're going to disappoint me every time anyway... I'll spend my money on groups that don't make me sad. Ugh, sometimes I feel like WataTai is the only part of Kisumai I really like anymore. >_<

Ah well, I do have Ebi releases to look forward to this summer. ♥ I did ultimately decide to buy the Johnny's Densetsu digest DVD since I do want to watch more Johnny's musicals. And I actually ordered two versions of Legend Story. ^^;

"マイク持つアイドル大国"以外にも 示す俺らがPOP star
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So I got my copy of Arafes '13 back on... Wednesday, but didn't post about it until now because I was busy working a ton of hours for Memorial Day weekend and because I've started actively looking for a new job again and that... takes up a lot of time and adds a lot of stress and I'm generally tired. I actually worked the day it came and ended up staying up late to watch it all that night because I couldn't wait.

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The entire DVD is all really good! I liked at the beginning how they looked back on the other Kokuritsu lives they had done. It was really cool that they had "corners" for each of the members, and that helped group the live into several different parts really well. I think Sho's was my favorite corner, although Jun's corner is really close too! If I'm leaning towards Sho's corner, it's probably because I tend to like songs where all the members have rap parts, and because COOL & SOUL was probably my favorite performance in this live. It's also cute how they switched the rap and singing parts for a Day in Our Life. ^^

Of course, the remixes in Jun's corner were great! I do really like remixes, and it's fun to hear familiar songs changed to be a little different. ^^ And, about the single request ranking... I feel a little bad for Aiba because although Endless Game and Breathless made it into the ranking as the new single songs of the year, Calling didn't. And none of the theme songs for Aiba dramas did either. >_< I will just pretend that Calling ranked in at #11, okay?

It was also great at the very end how Arashi expressed their gratitude to Kokuritsu at the end of the live and asked all the fans to, too! No matter how popular Arashi gets, they always stay really grounded and humble, and that's something I really respect about them. I don't remember which show it was, but I remember Nino talking on one TV show about how he's (they're) always planning ahead for when their popularity wanes and how they didn't expect to stay as popular as they are for as long as they have.

One last thing I want to talk about in this post is pairings. Arashi has such a tight dynamic that it's hard for me to pick a favorite pairing, so my favorite shifts around a lot. But I could really understand any pairing within Arashi being popular. I tend to prefer pairs that include my favorite members, so I tend to lean towards pairs with Nino. Until recently, I was leaning towards Nino/Sho, but that was always more because I really like YamaTarou than because of the dynamic Nino and Sho themselves have. Lately, I've been leaning more towards Nino/Aiba because they have a really cute and playful dynamic. ♥ And I saw some more of that in what small part of the MC that was included, so I was happy to see that. xD Nino always teasing Aiba in clearly friendly, playful ways. ♥

夢を見ることも 容易くはないさ
nino smirk
I got my copies of GUTS! on Friday. ^^

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Ee Ja Nai ka My Best CD member messages
A translation post! It's only been, what? Three months? orz And it's a Johnny's WEST translation post! I've translated the messages from the My Best CD versions of Ee Ja Nai ka. Thank you to nadiah_kumako for posting images of Ryuusei and Hama-chan's versions. I used this video as reference for Shige, Kami-chan, and Kotaki's versions. I'm actually hoping to do more Johnny's WEST translations in the future, so let me know if there's anything in particular you hope to see translated. (I mainly have experience translating from text, so things like magazine interviews ^^)

Notes at the bottom

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Please credit and link back to this post if reposting any part of this translation. Questions and comments are welcom.

Scans And a Request
I'm posting scans of the booklets for the Akito and Junta My Best CD versions of Ee Ja Nai ka. This is my first time scanning anything for fandom purposes, so let me know if you want a higher resolution or something. Please credit if using these scans for graphics.

Download here.

I also have a request. I'd like to translate all the members' messages from the My Best CD versions, so I'd really appreciate it if other fans could share scans or pictures (what's important is that the text is legible) of the other members' messages. Another fan already shared Hama-chan and Ryuusei's versions, so I'm currently looking for Shige's, Kami-chan's, and Kotaki's. Thank you to anyone who helps!

この地球もほら たこ焼きのカタチ
Perfume party
I got the My Best CD versions of Ee Ja Nai ka in the mail yesterday. ♥

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Rainbow Dream and My Best Friend are both really nice songs (I'd say I like My Best Friend a little more), but listening to them both in a row... they kind of both follow the same formula musically. ^^

Akito and Junta's messages were both really cute too! Akito's message was kind of messy and all over the place though. xD Junta's message was both longer and more straight-forward, but also kind of cutely repetitive. And Akito called himself a "pochadoru" a chubby idol. xD So cute.

I'm planning on at least translating Akito and Junta's messages, but I want to see if I can find scans (or at least pictures where the messages're legible) of the other versions and translate all of the members' messages together.

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